Clare was a Guest on the BullDog Vlog discussing experiential marketing, staffing and glass-side trucks

Clare Wynne was honored to be a guest on our partner’s Vlog discussing experiential marketing, staffing and glass-side trucks. Thanks to Rod at for having her on!


Rod: This is episode 3 of the Bulldog Vlog where each week I will be choosing a topic, and often plan to bring other industry experts to the show. Today we have Clare Wynn from M2W.

Rod: How did M2W come to be named?

Clare: M2W stands for Marketing to Win and Wynne is my last name.

Rod: This is our episode 3 and you are the first bonafide experiential marketing expert that we’ve had so I’m really excited to have you on and get to pick your brain about experiential marketing. Tell your website to everybody.


Rod: There’s a lot of examples of fantastic out of home advertising here as well. Let’s talk about experiential marketing. How long have you been doing this?

Clare: 17 years with M2W, previously I was with CBS broadcast doing events.

Rod: What’s the first time you ever saw experiential marketing?

Clare: Probably doing Blue Diamond Almonds at NFL or at Super Bowl games.

Rod: One of the reasons why I’m excited to have you on and I’m telling you the truth here: I don’t know anybody in the industry that travels as much as you, gets your hands dirty and involved in the campaigns as much as you do, and has as much fun as you do.

Clare: You don’t?

Rod: No.

Clare: A lot of us in the industry are like that.

Rod: I tell you, I travel a fair amount. I don’t have as much fun. It’s not as glamorous as you make it sound.

Clare: It’s not glamorous.

Rod: You take some time, and you and your team seem to have fun and you take some time to smell the roses and I need to learn how to do that better.

Clare: I always tell people I’m really 27 I just look old.

Rod: No you don’t. Tell me what’s some of your favorite experiential marketing campaigns that you’ve been involved with?

Clare: A lot of them actually have to do with very not so sexy clients and not so sexy products. The Cellular phone industry

Rod: Fantastic.

Clare: We didn’t really have anything chaotic. A lot of times you’re wildly ripping down a door, they broke in. I think the worst thing that ever happened was Macy’s allowed us to go in and do a flash mob for the Blackberries.

Rod: Right. So you got to combine social media with experiential.

Clare: Correct.That’s key.

Rod: Fantastic. You have a lot of brand ambassadors, right?

Clare: We have over 8500 brand ambassadors nationwide to date.

Rod: So they’re part time employees or contract employee?

Clare: They’re both. Ones that are consistent, they are part time employees. The big thing now is you can’t have independent contractors so we’re slowly but surely converting them all over to being employees.

Rod: Do you provide the staffing services to other companies?

Clare: Yes. Absolutely. We’ll see some of the larger agencies that you work with. Some of the big ones, because we’re a pretty small shop, we often contract out. They don’t want to do that. They just want to do the creative and let me tell you, staffing is tough.

Rod: What campaigns are you working on now that you can tell us about?

Clare: You know I’m trying to get Galbani, which is Italian cheese, through another second glass truck. This year, it’s going to be in Chicago. Last year we did it with you in Boston and New York. That’s how we met. I’d love to get your giant glass cube without somewhere in maybe seaport or New York or somewhere like that. Under one of our campaigns.

Rod: We’re in the advertising display cube and that is the XL glass wall truck. That’s the largest vehicle I have. Those would be fabulous cheese marketing cheese.

Clare: They would be. Other things we’re working on is an environmental tool with Blue Diamond almonds, which comes out very soon. We are also working with MoneyGram International. They’re based here in Texas. We do a lot more with them as far as … We call it football. Soccer effects.

Rod: Today on your website for the 3rd time in my life, I watched your video Saving The Universe. I love when the one guy, the lone marketer, is sitting as his computer and turns around and he says, “I got 4 lights today.” Wha wha”. Tell me the inspiration of that video.

Clare: What happens is that everyone tries to get an ROI on everything. You’ve got to have data entry, you’ve got to have names, you’ve got to collect leads. That’s fine but you’ve also got to impress your brand peer on peer so if a female who’s 40 who looks super buff and super cute is selling Quaker Oats rice cakes, she’s going to do great when she sells that to another 40 year old who’s looking buff who wants to either lose weight or wants to be looking good. Peer on peer marketing is fun, it’s exciting, and I think what happens is too many people get tied up in the analytics of how many people came in from my newspaper ad or my email blast or my postcard. But peer on peer, you can literally take them from the street directly into that store to buy a product.

Rod:Remember that you have a choice in your marketing mix so choose to integrate experiential marketing and out of home advertising.

Effective Branding in Experiential and Event Marketing…


It takes some pretty awesome companies to pull off effective branding in an event marketing or experiential marketing program. Often times the only way to brand is with “KEY MESSAGING” or “Talking Points”. Our principle and CEO, Clare Wynne, suggests that if you can take the company’s logo and color scheme OUT of the event and consumers can still figure out which brand is represented just based on the atmosphere and vibe that your Brand Experts have created, then you have successfully “Branded” the event. This is not easily accomplished without properly defining your Brand and training your team, in detail, about your Brand Platform.

Consider this…companies like Coca-Cola, Nike, and Hershey’s have done an outstanding job at branding, these same companies are also some of the best Experiential Marketers on the planet. I’m not talking about their logo from a branding standpoint, but from their core traits as define with their Brand Platforms. Let me explain: Coca-Cola = Happiness (brilliant idea btw), Nike = Empowering, Hershey = Chocolate makes you happy. These core Brand Platforms help each company decide and strategize on where they need to be. Do you think it’s coincidence that Coca-Cola sponsors events and locations that truly bring people happiness? That Nike organizes Guerilla training events for marathons in order to empower and motivate consumers on their upcoming run? Or that Hershey has a mega-store in Time Square where tourists can experience the wonders of Chocolate? These are perfect examples of how Brands are strategically choosing sponsorships and events in order to strengthen their Brand Platform and align themselves, in consumers eyes, with exactly how they want people to experience and interact with their brand.

I often times like to imagine what other Brands would do if they took an Experiential approach to marketing based on their brand platform. Wouldn’t it be cool if a company like Chipotle, whose Brand Platform is based around good quality food that is not going to kill you (well maybe not that last part) took over hospital cafeterias across the nation and educated consumers about the importance of choosing the right place to eat “Fast food doesn’t have to be bad for you, have a Chipotle burrito!”. It’s always fun to consider what companies can do to drive sales and increase their brand awareness. Something to always consider is, you must always make sure that the foundation of your company (your Brand) doesn’t get lost in the process. Branding is like building a foundation for everything else to be built upon. A strong Brand foundation will insure that your beautifully, well crafted, house of bricks doesn’t come tumbling down. Through proper planning, training, and staffing, your most valuable asset, YOUR BRAND, can be right at home doing what it does best…driving your brand.