Blog…I could wait no longer…I only hope that someone searches for EGGS on an EXPERIENTIAL MARKETING COMPANY’S BLOG…this blog is probably our furthest removed from Experiential Marketing ever…it’s about EGGS…and in celebration of earth day and Easter… I just wanted to share a story about EGGS…you eat many of them, there are so many cool ways to prepare them…yet most people don’t really know the true story behind the majority of eggs that they eat…but I will tell you the story…certainly not to get you to stop eating eggs but to buy the “right” eggs and to boycott the wrong eggs.


Today my blog is on marketing for the earth and those eggs we love to hunt at Easter!!!


Fortunately, after years of educating my family they now BUY the right eggs…but it’s tough…you see commercially produced eggs come with big time “baggage”… that certainly isn’t listed on the label.  The “chicken or egg farms” (and I live in Iowa where there are a lot of these chicken confinement houses) are certainly not the pretty little red barns with the beautiful golden chickens/roosters roaming around showing off all their soft feathers.  The eggs you are probably eating originate in giant warehouses where hens are so tightly packed in cages and completely removed from anything that might resemble a blade of grass or a glimmer of sunlight.

Sadly, many of the hens are debeaked, that means that part of their beak is cut off in order to avoid them pecking one another and causing injury to each other.  They are fed low quality food (which of course you in turn eat) and given continual amounts of antibiotics to offset the numerous diseases that can crop up in their overcrowded environment. And don’t think those eggs are laid in pristine, natural nests either. They are laid in an environment that forces commercial egg companies to wash them in chlorine bleach due to the filth, which in turn strips away the eggs natural protective coating and can allow harmful bacteria like salmonella to enter the eggs.

So it should come as no surprise that eggs from “unhappy” hens are not as healthy as those from hens who have room to roam.  In 2007 eggs were sampled from free-range hens across the country and compared to the USDA commercial eggs from non free-range hens and the free range hens’ eggs contained half the cholesterol and twice the omega 3 fatty acids to help with circulation, heart health and hormonal balance.  In addition, the free range hens’ eggs had significantly higher levels of vitamins A and E.  BUT…buyer beware…USDA claims that “free-range chicken” labels can be put on egg cartons where the chickens have FREE RANGE of those disgusting chicken warehouses too.

So, here is my advice, take it or leave it, but since we just got done celebrating Earth Day…try to buy local eggs (in fact try to buy local “everything” if you can). Even if you live in the city…a local egg producer may be closer than you think. Check out the website to find a farm with free range chickens near you. Call them and they will probably be more willing to give you a tour of their family farm.


Take the Fresh Egg Test-

  • Submerge your egg in cool water
  • Fresh eggs will sink and lie flat on their sides
  • If the egg sits straight up in water, it’s more like 4 weeks old
  • If it floats – DON’T EAT IT!

Farm Fresh Egg Tips-

  • Do not wash farm fresh eggs
  • Because they are so healthy, they will be harder to peep when hard-boiled.
  • Best way to cook farm fresh eggs is to put them in a steamer basket for 24 minutes
  • The brand of steamer I have is a Black and Decker, but there are many varieties out there


So next blog I’ll go back to straight up marketing but this was one “egg”ception!