On The Fifth Hour of Set Up.

On the fifth hour of set up M2W produced for me…

Five Golden Rings, with Aerialists A-Swinging

(Aerialists compliments of Cirque Central)

Tip: More than just a pretty face, performers can act as a functional piece of decor.

Promotional Idea: Natural Juice – Smoothie Company. Redefine your taste tests by transforming them into a fantastical journey. Image your current sampling campaign meets a Mid Summer’s Night Dream.

Aerialists in custom outfits can perform on custom cirque equipment that will transform our performers into nature spirits performing in a mythical forest. Higher performers can call attention while performers closer to ground level can provide the ultimate Instagram or Snap Chat post. Guests can snap pictures or videos of our aerialists pouring samples from high up in their mythical trees amidst mid performance.

* Music in Aerialist Video compliments of http://www.bensound.com

On The Second Hour of Set Up

On the second hour of set up M2W produced for me…

Two Illusionists Performing

(Ryan Oakes & Doug McKenzie)

Tip: Illusionists, mentalists, magicians are perfect ice breakers. They can approach lonely parties and bring them back into the group. They are a great way to build excitement easily and early. Use them at the start of your event.

Promotional Idea: Cell Phone / Technology companies – magic evolves with the times.  Illusionists today use phones to do many of their tricks.  Imagine having an illusionist perform within a cellphone store.  The illusionists can perform short show times every hour that we promote around the mall.  All of the tricks will revolve around the phones on displays.  A few quick tricks will pull people into the store, but won’t distract the sales force for too long.

(Doug McKenzie showing how “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” )

Eight Mobile Spa Treatments

Seven Impersonators Impersonating

Six Social Media Walls

Five Golden Rings, with Aerialists A-Swinging

Four Giant Games

Three Photo Options

Two Illusionists Performing

& The Perfect Set Design