Football for Fans or Fantasy?

Usually I would write about marketing items, but with football season maybe on the horizon I thought I’d touch on that subject instead. I love football and everything about it: the fans, the spirit, the smack talk and the all around competitiveness. This is especially true for college football (Gig ‘em Ags!) But my beef today is not about college football, as they’ve got their act together for the most part, but rather about the NFL and the current lock out.
As of today the lockout is going for a vote with the players. I’ve been following this lockout pretty closely but not because I’m a diehard NFL fan, but rather I’m a diehard NFL Fantasy Football Fan. I don’t have a team. Just because I’m from Texas doesn’t make me a Cowboys fan or a Texans fan (but my girlfriend Steph has that team covered). I like players from all over based on their skill and talent which makes me the perfect person for Fantasy Football.
Its official you now know. I have been playing Fantasy Football for over eight years and I play in at least three leagues annually. I play with all girls, with work and in a league where I have been the only female there forever. I even got my husband started in playing (and he’s a walking football stat book). My favorite time of the year is league draft time. Whether it’s an online draft where you have to take your key players quickly or they’ll be gone or a live draft when another woman says she’s taking a player because of the college he went to or how he looks, I love my drafts.
With this new lockout…we are looking at a very rushed draft and the not knowing of what they are really going to look like out on the field since there haven’t been any “real” practices. I will admit I was sweating some of the lockout. I have some great players on some of my teams that I’ve worked hard to obtain and I didn’t want to lose them. Call me selfish, but man I wanted to win big this year and this lockout could have possibly derailed this for me.
I’m hoping today things go through on the players end quickly and smoothly. If that’s the case teams will be at training camps in two days and I’ll have a chance to see how the players end up with the new salary cap. Then I can finally decide who I really want to keep and drop prior to my league drafts. Fantasy Football is big business and I’m invested in it. I like being my own Jerry Jones where I decide who I play on what day and it’s not about the paycheck, but about who is performing.

P.S… are all going DOWN this year!