Different Shapes, Sizes and Colors

¡TOMA! understands the difference between the cultural views of African American, Hispanic, and Asian populations in the Unites States. We are not all the same. Every ethnicity has differences in music, culture, traditions and trends. Many marketing companies use the “we are all the same” approach and fail. ¡TOMA! believes that in order to succeed in reaching our target consumer, we must speak the language and live the culture.

Somos Expertos – We’re Experts

Language is just the beginning of understanding our customer. M2W realizes this and has in-depth knowledge of many ethnic lifestyles. Our team of professionals provide solutions that are culturally relevant to succeed in multicultural marketing. !Toma! Expertos have the knowledge, insight, and experience to achieve success.


Detail Oriented

It’s all about the details. Even the largest companies need to recognize that when it comes to marketing internationally, and even locally, it is important to appeal to various demographics. The American interpretation of culture doesn’t always work. M2W’s ¡TOMA! marketing takes the subtle differences of our “melting pot” into account when reaching out to every specific culture…making that melting pot into a pot of gold!