Putting You In The Spotlight

M2W will customize a specific sampling program to work your product and maximize your brand exposure using our industry relationships with concert promoters and venue managers. Sampling at events is a strategic tool to increase your customer base and create product awareness!

Creating Loyalty

Get your foot in the door! Create a top of mind awareness for your brand and increase excitement by exposing potential customers and reminding current customers of your products and services. Most people figure, ”it’s free, why not?!” By introducing them for free, they have no reason NOT to try it, and will remember that experience the next time they see the product on the shelf. Check out the case study about Ferrara Bar Rebate Program for a fun example.

Tricky Baiting

People have a tendency to grab what’s thrown in front of them. Pretty great way to get them to take your product, without even knowing what happened or how they wound up with your shiny product in their hand!