Office Ergonomics:

In order to heighten worker safety, productivity and efficiency, M2W’s ergonomics programs reduce ergonomics related injuries and improve a company’s bottom line. We believe in practical workplace improvements. The key is understanding where improvement is needed and the most efficient solutions. We specialize in ergonomic assessment, workplace design, and staff training. We can make your workplace safe, efficient, and in compliance.

Green People:

The people behind your brand are just as important as the brand itself! If a consumer has a negative experience with a brand ambassador, that bad taste carries over to the product. We believe that with environmental brands, true eco-conscious people need to be used as ambassadors. Our people go through stringent tests to qualify for our ECO ambassador program so that your brand stays true to form!

Green Places:

Looking for a trade-show, convention or event that will catapult your brand into Green territory?? Call on M2W Inc.’s expertise to understand your brand essence and company goals in order to provide you with an event schedule advising you where you should present, attend and exhibit in order to make a Green Footprint in the community and media.