You need an agency that knows how to breathe life into your brand and a way for customers to love your brand and what you’re doing. All of that exists in the experience and creating a consistent brand image. From flyers, Facebook, events & web sites, to the logo on your shirt… it all requires our attention to detail.

The Real Definition

M2W is the epitome of full service experiential marketing. Many experiential marketing companies are merely glorified staffing companies. NOT M2W! In addition to having consummate professionals in the world of event marketing, we have over 47 year of media buying within our company, 31 years of retail and in-store merchandising experience, plus ecommerce, evaluation and analysis experts.

So if you want a robotic staffing company then click away from us now…but if you want strategic, aggressive and efficient campaigns for the best ROI on your sponsorship investments, you’ve come to the right place!

Live it. Love it. Be it.

A brand is more than a logo or a set of colors. Sure that’s part of it, but really only sets the stage. How do you act when you’re wearing your logo? How do people associate and socialize with your brand? Why is what you’re selling better than the competitor? When it comes down to recall, the stronger brand always wins. When was the last time you asked for a Kleenex®? Have you ever said “Google® it!” “Let me buy you a Coke®”?

People create associations with brands in what they do and negatives stick better than positives, so creating a brand environment that people can experience is a must. It’s that positive experience they’ll remember.

What if your cellular carrier was more like Volvo (for stability) or Apple (for service) or Mercedes (for class)? Would you be a bit more happy…or proud to be their client?

A Brand People Will Get Behind

People are more likely to follow a brand with culture. People may rely more on their emotional experience to a brand than the actual product. Southwest Airlines has built one of the strongest companies and brands in the United States. When you think of Southwest though, you think of the heart (because they first flew out of Love Field). You also think of “freedom” and cheap fares, as well as the fun atmosphere set by the staff. Flight attendants on board crack jokes, everyone is treated like a first class passenger, and there’s open seating.

Southwest has always stood for cheap prices, efficient routes, and good service. But what created the “experiential” success is the fact that they gave their brand personality and charm.