Clock with words time to launch on its face

So you’ve decided to manufacture a smaller, larger, faster, slower, different tasting, more convenient product in addition to the one that you already produce. Great news! But how do you market this product without cannibalizing the one you already make? Allow M2W to design a strategic marketing plan for you that reaches a new market, a market that we can educate and ‘show’ the difference.

Our plan will get your line extension into the hands of people that:

A) may know about your other product but are not tier one users, and the new line extension may get them to become tier one users.

B) do not know about your product because their lifestyle and consumer habits did not warrant the use of your current products.

Now, with the arrival of your line extension and targeted positioning to this audience via educational collateral, the line extension allows you to reach a brand new target market. Let us give you the strategy and execution you need to reach new customers.