Facebook offers the most diverse and unique experience to users. It allows advertisers to interact actively, including user profiles, targeted messaging, targeted status updates, and highly tweaked advertising from the smallest budgets to the largest budgets. Target demographic for Facebook includes most of the young generations from 13-30 male and female and middle aged women. Check out our Facebook Fan Page!



Twitter offers concise updates that aren’t targeted, but are able to stream across RSS, mobile updates, and integration through Facebook. The target demographic of Twitter has branched to status crazy youngsters, alas has a foothold with middle aged men…primarily because it’s simple and quick and easy to squeeze into the mix of everyday life. Check out the M2W Twitter.

Case Study: The Store (Stevens Point, WI)

The Store utilizes facebook on a daily basis and it has worked wonders! Since launch, they have grown to over 1500 fans and post coupons, interact with their customers, and share photos of events, truly reaching their customers on a personal level.

Facebook’s Numbers1

350 million active users (150 million new users since 10/2009).
Active user means they have logged in within 30 days.
65 million Facebook Mobile Users
2.5 billion photos uploaded monthly (around 1 trillion total)2
3.5 billion pieces of content shared weekly
1.6 million “Pages” active weekly


Simple, Free & Effective. ShareThis™

The fastest way to go viral is using ShareThis. It’s free and it plugs into any page on the web. It’s great for sharing promotions, e-mails or other web sites. Best of all, we just gave you free knowledge. Enjoy! Check out their web site.