SMS Marketing

E-mail marketing still works, but SMS marketing buzzes your message to their pocket…instantly! This method also allows communication from them instantly and creates an instantaneous relationship.

Ringy-Dingy Anytime and Anywhere

M2W can help you get your message to thousands or tens-of-thousands of people who have subscribed to receive your texts anytime, anywhere. Texts are easy to read and to the point, and is a much utilized method of communication now. It doesn’t require a lot of time or “fluff”.

Data Farming Through Promotions

We’re doing some great things with SMS by cataloging when and how we get data. For example, whether customers are subscribing at individual events and what major demographics were served there (for general assumption). Then on top of that, we’re creating fields in the database every time we collect other data, like addresses, zip codes, gender, age, etc. That way we can build more intelligent data.

Why Not Message Everybody?

People are getting fed up with spam. Cellular providers are rather mean to agencies that spam, but some still slip through. Just like e-mail marketing, you don’t want to annoy the customer. If you’re sending out daily blasts with “RESPOND NOW”, then more than likely, you’re going to create a negative impression on your brand. To combat this problem on Facebook, we track subscribe rates as well as unsubscribe rates to make sure we’re not being “too annoying.”

Direct and Immediate Responses

When you launch an SMS campaign, you’re required by regulation to provide a few things: stop, help, etc types of commands built into your SMS program. This is great because it means more than just basic commands, it means we can carry conversations on with customers! Drop us a line to find out more about how SMS could help build your brand image!