The Vitamin Shoppe Grand Opening Events


We exceeded our sales goals by over 140% for the grand opening events!


M2W partnered with The Vitamin Shoppe® to help jumpstart their new retail locations by creating buzz within the communities throughout the U.S. where The Vitamin Shoppe was opening new retail locations.

We developed a strategic, community-based plan that inspired people to get involved and help launch The Vitamin Shoppe in their own home town, all capped off with a single-day Grand Opening event. The event focused on several interactive activities, catered to the passionate lifestyle and driven customer base that surrounds The Vitamin Shoppe: live the brand, be the brand, experience The Vitamin Shoppe.

We used a blended strategy for this program where each tactic supported the other. Our plan to get people to our event was simple. We used a mix of experiential and traditional advertising mediums in order to hype up the event as much as possible.

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