Moneygram International POS Audits

1065 Super Valu Stores in 27 states
Duration: 28 days
105 Brand Ambassadors

M2W hired 105 capable spies to audit Super Valu stores across the country and make sure Moneygram POS was executed. A comprehensive on-line mapping program was established which allowed us to do the following on-line:

1. Assign stores geographically
2. Record Brand Ambassadors contact information.
3. Gather data from their store visits online and upload photos.
4. Capture number of stores completed and mileage by Brand Ambassador for payroll information.
5. Provide up to the minute on-line reporting to the client so they could track the results in real time.
6. Provide excel worksheet to the client where they could sort data by different parameters for analysis.

Results: Audited 1055 of 1065 stores – a 99% fulfillment rate.