Dick’s Sporting Goods-Grand Openings

M2W was hired to assist setting up national Grand Openings for Dicks Sporting Goods Stores. Over 100 stores and counting.


Balloons were booked to be delivered to each Grand Opening. M2W hired one Grand Opening Coordinator per location to attend the Grand Opening and assist the store manager during the event. The coordinator would perform the following duties:

  • Set up the store (placing balloons around the store, setting up tables/table cloths etc)
  • Meet with the store manager and look around the store to find materials for set up.
  • Serve as a hostess/greeter — meeting and greeting customers as they enter the store
  • Help facilitate the Grand Opening Sweepstakes (directing customers to the table, ensuring there is sufficient sign up forms at the table etc)
  • Help store managers/employees at store level doing whatever is helpful
  • Fill out a short recap after the event that outlined successes and opportunity areas including pictures of the event.

Results: Hired top  people as Grand Opening Coordinators resulting in very productive/smooth Grand Openings occurring around the country at the sametime.

The consumers coming into the store loved the event! It was met with very positive feedback and really helped to promote Dicks Sporting Goods favorably

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