Baby S.A.F.E. – Baby Safety Awareness For Everyone


Dallas/Fort Worth
Duration: 1 month program


Partnership marketing effort that drove foot traffic through participating retail stores and increased sponsors’ product sales through gift-with-purchase.
What is Baby S.A.F.E.? – A National Baby Safety Expert conducted FREE child safety seminars on-site at pre-selected retail stores. Every attendee received a FREE gift bag containing literature, a “how to” child safety video, participating sponsor products and promotional items. The POS within the stores directed the consumers to the six products they were required to purchase to receive the FREE $50 GWP child safety starter kit.

Results – When you combine the forces of major retailers and manufacturers and add M2W you get phenomenal results! This program provided a community service that everyone needs to know about, how to keep your child safe in the home. By conducting FREE child safety seminars
within the retailer, foot traffic jumped and when you promote the GWP as an added incentive, well you guessed it….product sales tremendously increased, so again……everyone wins!

POS and Media – through M2W’s expertise, Baby S.A.F.E. and it’s sponsors were promoted and/or featured through in-store signage, TV, Radio and Print, and a celebrity spokes person helped spread the message!