Almond Breeze Product Launch/Sampling Events


2 Markets: Georgia and Florida
8 months in 2008
27 events
134,000 samples, coupons and brochures distributed

Almond BreezeĀ® is a deliciously smooth nondairy refrigerated beverage made from Blue Diamond almonds. Having worked with Blue Diamond Growers in the past conducting national sampling events for their almonds, they called on M2W again to assist in raising brand awareness and spreading the word for their new refrigerated version of their non-dairy beverage. M2W carefully researched community events and kept in mind the proximity of the nearest Almond BreezeĀ® retailer in correlation to the event location so the event sampling staff could direct the consumer where to redeem their FREE coupon.

M2W handled all aspects of the event marketing from tent production, distribution and product storage, hiring, managing and educating the event staff on sampling a refrigerated beverage in multiple climate situations without compromising the quality of the product. The product was sampled at shopping mall events, farmers markets, health and fitness expos, women expos, art festivals, family fun events and radio remote tag-alongs. Many consumers were lactose intolerant or diabetic and elated they had an option besides soy milk. M2W was requested on-site again due to customer response…a lasting impressions says it all!