Marketing Partnerships & Co-Branding

In a marketing world where campaigns must show a nice ROI and marketing dollars are tight, marketing partnerships and co-branding are often lucrative to our clients.

M2W has a full marketing arsenal of companies that we have either executed a partnership or co-branding on behalf of one of our customers or  a company has shown interest in a marketing partnership or co-branding campaign designed by M2W creative gurus. Whatever the case may be M2W can save you money by partnering you with a complimentary brand (example of this is a wine manufacturer with a cracker or cheese company, buy the wine get the crackers/cheese at a discount; or a local cellular phone company with a concert venue, show your phone and get in to concert for free). 

A co-branding program is where the two brands actually combine forces and can package their two brands on mutually agreed upon consumer good packaging (Chicago Zoo logo on Ferrara Pan Candy package in the Chicago, IL. market area, get discount at zoo by showing package; Pace Picante Sauce logo on bags of Frito Lay Scoops, no discount was offered here simply placing Pace on the bag increased sales).