4 Easy Ways To Integrate Social Media into Your Next Event

Social Media is everywhere you turn. There are hashtags on your favorite shows (http://www.lostremote.com/2011/04/21/twitter-hashtags-appearing-on-fox-shows/), people are spending about eight hours a month on Facebook (http://mashable.com/2011/09/30/wasting-time-on-facebook/) and it seems like every restaurant is asking you to check-in for special deals. These all may work great in the “virtual” world, but how do you take online to … Read more

Training Is Everything

Never underestimate the selling power of a well-trained street team The more “complicated” our clients’ brand becomes the more important it becomes to train our Brand Experts really well. At M2W we are known as YOUR ARMS AND LEGS IN THE FIELD…but if I could add something to our event division’s slogan it would be … Read more

Effective Branding in Experiential and Event Marketing…

  It takes some pretty awesome companies to pull off effective branding in an event marketing or experiential marketing program. Often times the only way to brand is with “KEY MESSAGING” or “Talking Points”. Our principle and CEO, Clare Wynne, suggests that if you can take the company’s logo and color scheme OUT of the … Read more

The Fab Five: Five Social Media Tips and Tricks You Need to Know

Over the past couple months, we have seen a significant amount of change in the world of social media: from the birth of Google+ to the constant transformation of Facebook. It’s a testament to the fact that the world of social media will never stop evolving. To help keep you current on some of the … Read more

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Great Examples of “Out-of-Home” Ads

At M2W we aren’t just about street teams and handing out “tchotchkies.” We also have an incredible creative department. Taylor Potts and his team do some amazing things. It wasn’t until I was browsing the Internet for some creative ideas for billboards (excuse me, I believe it is called Out-Of-Home media now) that I came … Read more

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The Ever Changing World of Social Media

Just when you thought you had Twitter down, a basic understanding of LinkedIn and you finally know how to upload a video to YouTube, the world goes and changes everything! From plug-ins to location-based marketing initiatives to the move to higher bandwidth, there’s change afoot in the world of social media. Star Hall at Entrepreneur.com … Read more

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Do Something Different

Do something different.   I recently had the opportunity to work with a client that needed to “do something different”. The market had been overly saturated by cookie cutter, in the box campaigns and for this client the norm simply would not due.   M2W was hired to build a program that would launch this … Read more

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