M2W brings the T-shirt Shop to the streets!

A one-platform, two-color silk screening operation will allow total engagement while we print out a shirt of your customer’s choice. We will have two designs available for them to choose from. Designs will be customized for your business.

Example of engagement: “Free T-Shirt with Purchase”, “Free T-Shirt with product demonstration”, “Free T-Shirt to promote your current or upcoming event”.

  • Attention-getting crowd pleaser
  • Excellent way to promote new products and services (consumer must wait for shirt providing longer engagement)
  • Takes “Retail-tainment” to the next level
Typical Event Includes:
  1. Pick up/drop off and set up of 2 color/1 platform screening equipment/screens/paint
  2. 4 screens with your custom artwork to produce two 2-color designs
  3. 2 certified silk-screeners dressed as printers (aprons with your logo embroidered on them)
  4. 100 white shirts per event (additional shirts available for under $4 ea.)

This tactic requires an 8’ x 8’ area, electricity and access to water for cleaning of screens.

Call 972-407-1332 or email rob@m2winc.com or christine@m2winc.com