Street Teams/Guerilla/Micro Marketing

M2W analyzes the most cost-effective way to deploy just the right number of Brand Experts, in the right places to create a stealth grass roots targeted campaign that optimizes the best branding opportunities.

Sponsorship Activation

Efficient events that can touch a lot of your target market and also force activations/purchases of products either on site or retail stores in area.


We can execute a stationary or mobile sampling/demo program for you.  We choose the right venue and the best people to represent your products.

Digital & Social Media Integration

So many different digital media choices, so little time! Allow M2W to make the best most cost-effective recommendations to ramp up or enhance your social media programs.

Promotional Products Procurement and Sourcing

Experience is why M2W is your source for promotional items; we have a full time promo-product procurement specialist on staff.


From strategy to WOW factor, from build-out to the “perfect” peer-on-peer staff, M2W can assist you with your exhibit or tradeshow or handle 150%.