Clare Wynne


LOVES GROUNDHOG’S DAY. STILL WEARS FANNY PACKS. Clare came from a background in radio and broadcasting management. She found that one of her major talents was forming alliances between “partners” to create large marketing campaigns. She started m2w in 1998 after realizing that only by forming her own marketing group could she really create the most effective campaigns. With no limits on creativity, M2W sprouted and blossomed into an efficient and innovative force.Clare is constantly adapting the company’s goals to eclipse the changing economical and technological demands of her clients. She keeps up with the current trends and her wild and creative ideas take her clients to levels beyond their expectations. Her energy, drive and determination make Clare an essential player for those who want to get out on the edge and open up a can of WHOOPASS!

Rob Pequeño

Director of New Business Development

GRILL MASTER. SPORTS ENTHUSIAST. AKA “BOBBY SMALLS” Rob started out in M2W 101 and ten years later he claims the title of Director of New Business Development. He has traveled to 85% of the United States and executed many facets of marketing, from guerilla programs and secret shopping to sports marketing campaigns and experiential event marketing. As an event GURU, his motivation is found deep in the POWER of BRANDING. Rob attended the University of North Texas Radio, TV and Film program, with later careers in radio and television. You can say that meeting new people and communicating to the masses is quite natural and rewarding. When it comes to work and networking within M2W, his passion, integrity and loyalty have bridged countless friendships, always allowing for highly successful marketing programs for his clients.

Christine Baker

Director of Client Relations


Christine has been with M2W since day one. Prior to joining m2w her seven years of experience as a Director of Provider Relations for a dental insurance company gave her the communication and organizational skills to manage every aspect of M2W’s vast and growing programs. At M2W, Christine has worked with major companies on programs ranging from family based educational programs to retail brand awareness campaigns for major food and retail products and handles all aspects of her programs.

Her intense dedication to exceed customer expectations is what drives her to make every marketing program a complete success! When she is not striving to raise brand awareness and come up with quirky ways to increase sales for clients she enjoys spending time with her husband and three kids (and Bella of course).




Wendee Pennington

Director of Finance


Wendee landed at M2W to fill the spot of a part time Office Administrator. As M2W grew like a weed in the front yard, Wendee stepped up in her position to include all aspects of an Office Manager. She not only manages the Office, she is also responsible for all general accounting and payroll. Though it’s sometimes difficult having virtual offices, Wendee manages to keep all clerical aspects of M2W in “checks & balances”. She is definitely one of many priceless assets of M2W.

Wendee uses her keen sense of “Customer Service” experience as a key to keeping the customer happy.


Katy Rossi

Project Manager A.K.A. “The Cleaner”


Katy has been with M2W since 2005. She came to us with many years of sales experience with Procter and Gamble. Katy has solid management/recruiting experience that she uses quite often in her various tasks. As M2W’s go-to-woman, she works on any projects that need special attention. She has managed the marketing program of a tire company in MN, coordinated Grand Openings around the country for a popular sporting goods chain, as well as handles much of the administration of Quickbooks. Her organizational and management skills help her to successfully complete each job to the fullest!